LG GSA H55N Drivers

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-H55N. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have recently moved and have ‘lost’ several CDs, one being the Driver/Utility CD for the LG GSA H55N DVD unit. I am trying to install VISTA on a new drive and motherboard and it is requiring device drivers for the DVD unit. Driver Detective helps not as the machine is not on-line. I have not been able to find a source to purchase or download this CD. Can anyone render assistance please? Thanks.
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Vista doesn’t need drivers for CD/DVD drives, it uses a generic “one-fits-all” driver which comes with the OS.

Where is Vista asking for a driver? And, is there a yellow exclamation mark next to the drive in Device Manager?

hi new to this forum and am having simler problem, im tryin to install windows 7 and it uses the lg gsa-h55n to begin installing windows but then says it canot find drivers fr the cd/dvd drive i have surced on the cd thet came with it, and in an old backup driver cab but no joy, can any1 plzzzzz help. its geting rather frustrating as the drivers should be on the disck much thanx

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there are no separate drivers for optical drives since they are part of the operating system.
Perhaps Windows is failing to load drivers for the controller your drive is connected to, but this is independent of the drive.

So you need to find out, what controller is used and provide the correct drivers for that controller.


ye iv just tryed with 2 other dvd drives no luck so its the IDE controller? will try loading ide drivers of a bckup file but they were for xp will post in a few min, thanx

no joy asked it to find the drivers in primary ide driver back up, it just says no device drivers were found. any other idias would be much apritated. thanx

Could you tell us something about your hardware, especially your motherboard and IDE controllers?


mother board is a asus A8N-VM CMS, nvidia chipset. the xp instalation is using the nvidia drivers for the ide controler and most other proses, and the cd/dvd runs fine in that its just the win 7 that dosent lick it for some rision you think microsoft will have drivers for it just to get it goin? thanx:)


normally, I would expect Win7 to have working drivers. Have you already tried Windows Update?

Perhaps these chipset drivers do work:
http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_vista_win7_32bit_15.49.html (32bit)
http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_vista_win7_64bit_15.49.html (64bit)



you would have thought so wouldnt you lol, the xp thats on it atm is fully up2date. and the win7 wount let me install with out them drivers, am downloading the drivers you linked abouve and will try them an let you no haw it works out

thanx micheal

no joy im afraid startin to think there sumat wrong wit the installation disk will swap it for a freash copy an see were that gets me thanx for the help though will let u no if a new disk sorts the problem thanx again