LG GSA-H55N ATAPI problem

hello friends

I have LG GSA-H55N ATAPI .I have problem and need your help
DVD-RW it writes him without problem .When writes DVD+R or DVD-R has problem
The program is Nero Burning ROM v8.3.6.0
1 write Lead in
2 Set book type to DVD+R
and stop in Set book type to DVD+R or DVD-R
I request help :bow:
Thank you very much

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Can you post the complete log file from nero?

From the limited information you posted it seems a typical bad quality disc issue. Are you sure that your media are genuine TY discs? This problem very often happens with fake TY discs :frowning:

Hello geno888
Thank you very much For replay

From Nero Burning ROM I can come out only with cancel (abort burning)
I tryed Media TDK DVD+R 16X 4.7 GB PRINTABLE the same problem
I tryed him in other computer and work
In same place ATAPI I had a NEC OPTIARC AD-7200A BULK WHITE and worked
What can be to blaim

Thank you very much geno888

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

TDK discs are not the very best, so I suggest to try with a proven quality disc like Verbatim. Are you sure that the TY discs you tried are genuine? What brands are these TY discs?

Just to exclude a software problem, you can also try to run a test with ImgBurn (the very best burning software available in my opinion, and it’s also free :slight_smile: )

Try also to disconnect the other drive and leave the LG only on the machine.

Some users complained about the LG drives being picky about the PSU. Some low-cost PSUs, in fact, are not able to provide an enough stable power supply to make the drive work correctly. What PSU do you have?

The definitive test to check if the drive is damaged, however, is to installing the LG on a different machine,. If also in the other computer the same problem is still present, then the drive is damaged :frowning: