LG GSA-H55LI Super Multi DVD Rewriter with SecurDisc Technology

I just posted the article LG GSA-H55LI Super Multi DVD Rewriter with SecurDisc Technology.

The LG GSA-H55LI is the first DVD Writer with the SecurDisc Technology; will burn fast and burns most media with good quality

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/review/13543-LG-GSA-H55LI-Super-Multi-DVD-Rewriter-with-SecurDisc-Technology/](http://www.cdfreaks.com/review/13543-LG-GSA-H55LI-Super-Multi-DVD-Rewriter-with-SecurDisc-Technology/)

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Since when are Nero Express and InCD Cyberlink products?


Awesome securdisc technology, I can now password protect my porn so people don’t steal it or show my mum!

Where I can buy this burner… cant find anywhere?

I’m reasonably happy with mine, however this drive is a very slow DVD ripper and doesn’t support disc quality scanning. The firmware updates claim to reduce noise during DVD playback, as well as improve write quality on some discs. I’m betting the reduced speed for playing DVDs also applies to ripping DVDs and the original firmware might have been better for DVD ripping. The drive doesn’t cache audio CDs and is an excellent CD ripper for Exact Audio Copy. The read offset is +102. The write offset is +30. The drive is ATA 66 (UDMA mode 4).

This is my favorite “burner” that I own however, my Lite-On 20A4P is my best “multi-purpose” burner because it rips extremely fast compared to this LG model. I get very high quality burns with this drive even with garbage media. The GSA-H55N or H55LI has riplock therefore it is intended to rip slowly because of the affect Hollywood has had on the industry. I don’t know why LG has riplock though since many models do not. I hope their pockets were well padded for doing so! An advantage to a slow-ripper is that it could read heavily scratched media better so it doesn’t have to be a downfall but it sure upsets all of the piraters :frowning: . I bought mine at Newegg and the reason it doesn’t support scanning is because it has a Panasonic chipset. If you need a drive for scanning then buy a burner with a MediaTek chipset. You can remove riplock by using MCSE and turn it into a really fast ripper but if you are like me you won’t want to void your warranty unless your drive is more than a year old. This drive is they best quality burner that I have ever used! This drive is perfect when matched with a fast ripper like I have. I use the Lite-On to rip and the LG to burn and I haven’t had a coaster in the year that I have owned them with at least 800, 4.38 GB disks burned from various brands and MID’s. Even came across some fake TYG02 (Sonic brand from shop4tech) and it still came out great.

I’ve bought this burner on 29/2 and it stopped reading CD’s on 13/3. It’s really loud, CD reading is as BAD as it can only be - i still need to use my old Teac 8x8x32 recorder to read scratched CD’s. Wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy.

I just wanted 2 talk about d device,i just got one and it isnot working at all.pls can u tell me what 2 do

bought mine 2 weeks ago worked once :S wont read the disks anymore. :c keeps prompting me to put a disk in. oh well next time i will pay the extra money and get a external.

forgot password

I am looking for securdisc 20x internal super multi dvd rewriter gsa-h55n p/n: may 38662808 ver.B thank you

this drive sucks I dont know much about computer stuff but my mom puts this hunk of junk on are family computer and it works great for about 3 months but then it starts getting slow and then after warranty is gone it stops reading any disc put in it :frowning: I would stay away from this product, all I want to do is play my video games and it cant even do that anymoor :c :frowning:

I have neer burned a DVD before and actually got a new harddrive for my laptop. I have Cyberlink on my laptop with PowerProducer, Power Cinima ND for Everio and Power director express. not usre what they are. I tried copying a DCD and it will not let me because it says CSS PROTECTED, how do I get around it?