Lg Gsa-h55l

Hello all,
I recently purchased a LG GSA-H55L 20x DVD Rewriter at Futureshop. So I installed the burner itself and then the software. Included was PowerDVD, PowerProducer 3.7 and Nero 7 Essentials. At this point everything was just fine.

I have movies files on my pc, which each one is about 22 minutes long (320 by 240) in WMV format. I tried using PowerProducer to burn these on the dvd (I put 5 on it since I set the preferences to SP mode) huh when it began the writing process I believe it was about 3 or 4 hours before it moved past the Creating and Organizing Folders Stage and when the burn process begun it took about 25 min to complete.

What is up with that, nothing wrong with the burner but the process before it just took way too long for my liking, is there another software altenative for this or is this just normal for this to take so long.

Oh yeah here are my System specs:
2.3GH Celeron
512 MB Ram
Direct X9
Windows XP SP2

Would it be a wise investment to get Nero Vision 5?

Oops, maybe I should have posted this in the software forum, sorry.