Ok , I bought the LG GSA H55L a while back, I have installed it and works just fine. However, for some reason Dvd Shrink (Nero) cause it’s using Nero, will not detect the drive when it comes time to burn. I have Nero Express fully updated, I’ve installed reinstalled the dvd drive after updating any applicable driver. So it is definatly a software issue not a hardware, the dvd drive once again works with every other program, no problem reading dvd’s, cd’s, games whatever… I’m running Xp pro…does anyone kow what to do?


Try deleteing any unnecessary upper and lower filters.



I would try that but shrink (Nero) detects my other dvd Sony drive (Slave). I don’t get any error messages in regards to the LG (Master). I even went as far as removing both drives and inversing them , even at that Sony being the Master and Lg the Slave it will only detect the Sony Drive and not the LG. Agin all other programs detect the LG and it works great!!! Just not with Nero! :a


Try updating to the latest version of Nero. Nero sucks sometimes. :slight_smile: