LG GSA - H55L won't burn verbatim at x16

Just bought LG GSA-H55L today & I noticed he dosn’t support my Verbatim (TY/03) DVD at x16, only at x12/8/4.
The drive firmware version is already v1.02 so its up to date.
Aspi is installed. Nero v6.6.1.15 my default soft.
Win xp + SP2.

Any ideas how to solve it please ?

Well still no solution yet :sad: … anyway some more info maybe help you to help me :slight_smile:

I find the problem is only when I’m trying to burn DATA DVD. With Image DVD (ISO) format I can burn x16 even x20 … so whats with DATA burning ?

BTW, upd. firmware to v1.03 doesn’t helped me 2 much …