LG GSA-H55L strange eject button behavior

On one of my stations, I have a LG-H55L Lightscribe/SecurDisc/SuperMulti DVD burner running f/w 1.06 hacked with MCSE. All functions of work fine, except for the eject button. When the tray is in, the only way to eject it is via software commands. It doesn’t respond to the button press. However, once ejected, the button will work to load the tray back in, provided it is held for ~0.5 seconds. If the eject button is simply tapped when the tray is out, the motor draws the tray in ~1 centimeter, and pushes it back out. I understand that this behavior could be a side effect of cross-flashing a drive’s EEPROM, but this drive was running f/w 1.0, and then updated to 1.06 original, before flashing with MCSE-modified 1.06. The worm gears are oiled, with no dust or hairs. I’d like to know if it’s an EEPROM problem, or a motor problem. I’d think it was a weak motor, but the drive has no problems using it (the motor) to eject and load the tray using s/w (for ejecting,) and a longer button press, or s/w (for loading).