LG GSA-H55L only works on restart



Hello to all, not my first time here but my first post here. Naturally I’ve got a bit off a problem and I’m looking for some advice.

I bought an LG GSA-H55L a few days ago, physically installed it and all software that comes with it. All is good, except…

When I first turn on my PC(cold boot) then insert a CD it reads all the tracks, artist,etc. Then it goes to actually play it I get red ! to the left of all tracks, and a message the system cannot read from the device. (autoplay on/off, no change)

The temporary solution is to simply just restart the PC and then all is good. This problem only happens from a cold boot. But it happens everytime, since day one.

I’ve tried reinstalling and no change.

Anyone been through this before or know where I’m going wrong?


Welcome to the forum, try unistalling this drive from the device manager then reboot computer with no cd/dvd in it. Windows will reinstall this drive by itself. Let us know if this helps ya.


Hey, thanks for the reply. Have now done that but no change…