LG GSA-H55L issues

I have this odd and frusrtating issue with reading a blank or formated DVD. It has become a hit/miss scenario with me…
I have to try at least 6 verbatim DVD+R to get one to actually load up as blank media and show that the drive has something in it.
The verbatim DVD-RW can’t be read at all which is odd as I was able to burn something to one when I first got the drive.
It can’t read Maxell DVD-R at all I have gone through almost the whole stack and none will fully spin up the drive and register.
One the bright side… I can read CD-R media without issue lol.
I can’t even get movies to play… I suppose that is because I never set a region.
This issue happens under WInXP as well as Ubuntu 9.04.

Any help ideas on what to do would be greatly appreciated.

Can you post a log file?

log file? from what… both XP and ubuntu see the drive… no errors are reported except when the aforementioned media is loaded. Both OS say there is no media/disk in the drive. Yet I may get that one lucky disk that actually loads. I have used the drive to load XP in both CD and slipstreamed DVD. I have installed The Orange Box and WoW + Expansions without issue in the past. It really boils down to blank DVD media as blank CD media can be read.

log file? from what…

From your burning software.
What firmware are you using?

Burning software recognizes the drive that’s the kicker… the drive shows up…

Firmware 1.05

I heard about a 1.06 but LG site has only 1.01 for some strange reason…

1.06 is available here:
Maybe it will help match more media.

no joy… I guess the drive is failing in the DVD dept… not a fan of LG at this point… ugh