LG GSA-H55L issues



I’ve recently changed my burner to LG GSA-H55L. Using DVD Shrink, the burn appears to be fine, and will play back on a computer (tried with 2 different computers without problem) but will not play on a dvd player (tried with 4 including one very new unit). I’ve also tried with 2 different types of media, and please note, the same media worked fine before in the same players burned from a different burner.

Even more weird, if I use DVD Shrink to create an ISO and then burn the ISO using Nero or DVD Decryptor, the disc will play fine. If I take a disc that wont play on a dvd player, and use another computer to make another image of that disc, the resulting disc works fine.

I haven’t upgraded the firmware on the device.
DVD Fab Decryptor prompted me to turn DMA on. I tried that, and still no luck.
I’ve reinstalled DVD Shrink, with no luck. I’d really like to forego the ISO image.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!