LG GSA-H55L DVD read speed control?



Every time I watch a dvd movie, my LG GSA-H55NL always reads at full speed. I’ve tried AnyDVD Speed Control and Nero DriveSpeed, but neither seem to have an effect on the speed. I’m running Vist Ult with SP1.
Is there any other way i can control it?



Mine does exactly the same thing. Not sure why it won’t obey the speeds whereas my other LG will, maybe something to do with the Panasonic chipset…


I got it fixed.
I reflashed it using the stock 1.05 firmware, now AnyDVD Speed Control works. It’s nice and quiet now when watching movies :wink:


Cool, that’s not really an option for me since I burn and do TRTs with the drive too :frowning:


I just remodded the flash with MCSE and the speed is still controllable. Not sure, but maybe it was a fluke with the older version of MCSE.


Hm… might try that then