LG GSA-H55L doest recognize any type of dvd

:bow:my LG GSA-H55L doest recognize any type of dvd,mp3,movie,file,even when i istalled using dvd installer and burn using dvdrw,nothing will happen,only cd can work,burning,file,installed anything with cd,can guys help with this? :bow:

pls,pls,pls,help me out this,

Have you just installed this dvd drive? Or have you used it in the past?

DVD drives have two lasers, one for cds, one for dvds. It is possible for one of them to fail independently, and let you only burn or read one type of disks.

yap i used it in the past but after a 1 year starting i brought this,it doest work.i open it and its only one laser ?

i read some forum here and apply those suggestion,doin on registry,cleaning the laser, but it doest work…

its LG GSA-H55L 20x DVD±RW IDE Drive w/LightScribe sir,

Believe me, it has two lasers. DVDs and cds use two different frequency lasers.

What you’re describing sounds like a partial failure of the drive. We see a lot of these.

If the drive cannot read a commercially made dvd movie, or software on a dvd, nor recognize or burn blank dvds, then you probably need to start looking for a new drive.


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