LG GSA-H55 or Samsung SH-202



I’m building up a silent media centre pc and need a new writer.

I’ve onyl got space for one drive, i’ve got an old LG 8163B lying around which i remember as being quiet but it’s only a ROM, so need a writer. I’ve ordered a usb to ide convertor as well, so depending on which is quietest, one will go external and one will go in the case.

I’ve narrowed it down to two drives - i think this LG is newer than the GH22? If not, factor that into consideration cos that’s the same price as well

Samsung or LG

Anyway, they’re both the same price £17.99, so it’s just a case of which is the quieter model?

I’ve seen some cracking reviews of the Sata version of the Samsung, and it supports disk quality scanning. But i’ve found myself obsessing over disk quality scans with my old pioneer 108 (fantastic burner), and at the end of the day, do I really need the facility if the burns are decent in the first place? (only use verbatims)

So which is the best drive, taking noise into being the main factor (mainly for reading film DVDs and DIVX dvds- i’m not too worried about burning noise but quiet would be nice).



My best guess it will be the LG since you can use MCSE to decrease the reading speed, i don’t think that you can do that with the samsung.


I’ve ordered an SE-S204N so hopefuly best of both worlds as it would have been used externally anyway :slight_smile:

Just decided the quality of the samsung was better, though will have to see if my old LG DVD ROM can have the speed reduced using that utility you mentioned