LG GSA-H54N very noisy

Heyaz peeps!,

I juz bought my LG GSA-H54N replacing my Asus DVD-ROM, since dvd-burner nowadays are pretty close price, so i juz get a dvd-burner instead of dvd-rom drive.

Anywayz, after i installed my newly bought dvd-burner. I straightaway burn a blank dvd (Mitsubishi DVD+R 16x).

As soon it starts, i can hear like the disc inside spinning real-fast and it is so noisy till abt a meter away i could hear it :eek:

Altho it burned flawlessly even at 18x, but its very annoying to hear the noise of operation of it.

So i was wondering its there sumthin wrong with my newly bought dvd-burner… or izzit normal sound like that for this model… considering my LG GSA-4163B operates silently.

Thx in advanced for those who replied :wink:

Cheers :slight_smile: