LG GSA-H54L noob questions :-)

Hi there Freaks!

This is a noob with a new LG GSA-H54L in an external case. I have some basic questions and hope you guys n gals can help.

My LG is in an external case and plugged in via USB.

I think the system recognizes the drive but lists it only as a USB storage device (good enough?)

A driver letter does get assigned when turned on and it is ID’ed as a DVD RAM drive when empty, so that is good too.

Now what should happen when I place an:

  1. empty writeable CD in it? Should I get the typical Windows pop up asking if I want to open a writeable CD folder, burn audio cd, create disk image etc?

  2. empty writeable DVD in it? Should I get the typical Windows pop up asking if I want to open a writeable DVD folder, burn a DVD, create disk image etc?

The reason I am asking is because I do not get any message at all. Matter of fact when I click on the drive itself I notice that is it is now called a CD Drive (even though a DVD is place into the tray) and clicking on it gives me the Driveletter:\ is not accessible. Incorrect Function error. Same for placing a writeable CD in it.

Now placing a movie DVD or music CD into the drive prompts for how I wish to play the movie/music open the folder etc

I do have a CD RW drive that comes with my system, and it operates as I would expect (prompt me to open a writable folder etc)

Do I need more spiked eggnog? Your thoughts are really appreciated.


I just noticed one more thing. The drive is actually ID’ed as a LG GSA-H55L by DVD Decrypter.

  1. You should get the usual pop-up with an empty CDR (at least I do with my USB connected LG E10N).

  2. No pop-up for empty DVD IIRC as Windows XP doesn’t support DVD burning natively. Vista could be different as it does have built-in DVD burning.

  3. The X:\ is not accessible thing is normal (Windows can’t read a blank disc ;)), as is the CD drive thing - the latter is an annoying Explorer bug.

So all looks fine, next thing is to try some proper burning software and if it burns OK, you’re good to go. :slight_smile:

You can have some spiked eggnog if you’re willing to share :bigsmile:…and congrats on your first posts BTW!

Awesome! thanks for the quick response. I am much relieved to hear that is all just Microsoft bugs :smiley: … I can live with that, have for many years!

Yeah it seems to burn just fine, I was just annoyed at the lack of ‘Windows XP’ response but that is what I get for expecting usability! :slight_smile:

I am not sure what’s up with the empty CD pop up missing, but perhaps its another Windows thing. The drive did come with Nero Express, Power DVD, PowerProducer, InCD and I am using Decrypter so far successfully.

Any hints on ‘good’ quality DVDs/CDs. preferrable lightscribe types. I thought there was tool out there that checked for media errors but alas I am clueless.

As for the eggnog, heck yeah I will share!

No probs :slight_smile:

Yeah sometimes Windows doesn’t give a pop-up for whatever reason when it should (CDR), it happens to me occasionally.

It’s great that the drive’s burning well though :clap: - as for what DVD Decrypter recognises the drive as , it could be that that’s what’s inside. Again not a problem :slight_smile:

For good quality DVDs you can’t go wrong with Verbatim 16x +R (MCC004), wherever they’re made - my LG loves them. HP 16x -R (not 16x +R) is also good, again they get on well with mine.

HP and Verbatim also make LightScribe media, so either of those should do well for that, too.

For CDR - HP, Sony, Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, basically anything Made in Japan (if you tell us where you are we can give you links to the best online media stores).

Regarding checking for media errors: there are a couple of utilities, but alas LG drives don’t support quality scanning (probably my only beef with them!). If you have a BenQ or LiteOn drive though your luck is in :wink:

And thanks for sharing that eggnog :bigsmile:

Verbatim… excellent that is what I have for some DVDs got stuck with some TDK LiteScribes though … well its only 10 of them so soon I will be able to try the Verbatim media.

As for the nog I recommend the German version:


the mulled wine is good as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for ‘working’ on the weekend, I can now go on without being mad at my drive.