LG GSA-H50N vs. LiteOn LH-20A1H vs. NEC AD-7170A

So, I have a Pioneer DVR-112D right now, and want a second drive for both reading and writing (mainly reading though). The NEC has been getting bad reviews, so it is pretty much out of the way for me, but I still put it in the title to see some of your opinions on it. I personally have decided on the LiteOn, because in the CDFreaks reviews of the LiteOn and the LG, the LiteOn seems to pretty much outshine the LG in features, reading speed/quality, and writing speed/quality. Nevertheless, let me know your opinion, guys. Thanks!

You already have a good burner. I would choose the Liteon because
of it’s scanning capabilities.

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I would stay away from the new Lite-On 20x drives as there ability to burn at 20 x is very limited in the Media it can use for this. TYG03 is about the only media I have found that will work with my LH 20A1P. If you search this forum for the sacn results of the Lite-On 20x burners you will see the results are horrid in my opinion.

If you want a drive for scanning get an older 16x lite-on.

Also there is a review comming out shortly on the new LG H62N/L SATA burner which I believe will be a very positive review as the testing I have done with mine has proven the drive to be a great burner and produces wonderful scans if you put a lot of faith in scanning! :slight_smile:

Good luck in your quest for answers!

Wow, thanks a lot for the warm welcome! And I’m sorry for the cross-posting. I didn’t know that there was a general forum for ALL drives to post in, so I posted in all three company subforums. :stuck_out_tongue: As for the drive I am going to get now, thanks to all of your helpful advice, is the highest model LG IDE drive available, the GSA-H50N. :slight_smile: Thanks a lot, once again. :smiley:

I believe the latest drive by LG that is an IDE based drive is the H55N/L