LG GSA-H50N : Post your scans and questions here

The H50N uses Panasonic MN103SC7GRT1 chipset and supports 10x write speed on both +/- DL.

18x ? 20x ? how fast this drive can burn -R and +R ??

Mitsubishi +R 16x
MCC004 @18x
Burn time: 05:16

PIE is very low but there are some PIF spikes during OPC activated.

still a 18x drive.

Mitsubishi -R 16x
MCC03RG20 @18x
Burn time : 05:00

Like H12N -> H42N, can this drive burn more media at 18x ??

still testing, I will tell you later.

OK. :wink:


same as H42N, total 10 media support 18x write speed.

  • MCC004 and MCC03RG20
  • YUDEN00T03 and TYG03
  • MAXELL003 and MXLRG04
  • Sony D21 and Sony 16D1
  • TDK003 and TTH02

is this right ??

Yes, you’re right.

what 8x, 12x and 16x burn curves does it use?

8x(Z-CLV)----for 8x,16x media burnt at 8x speed.
12x(P-CAV)—for firmware supporting 16x, 18x media burnt at 12x speed.
16x(CAV)-----for firmware supporting 16x, 18x media burnt at 16x speed.
12x(Z-CLV)—???, so far I can not find any disc can be overspeed burning at 12x

SATA drive ?
is it upgrade model from H22N ?:wink:


is it upgrade model from H22N ?:wink:

May be.

I’m beginning to suspect LG just keeps releasing new models which are slightly different from previous ones just so that it looks like they are always ahead technology wise.

a big headace for us…

TDK +R 16x
TDK003 @18x
Burn time: 05:17

2601, did you try daxon008s in H50N ? H20 and H22N supports just 4x into this popular 8x media. :disagree:

The H50N still only supports 4x write speed on this media.