LG GSA-H44N in an External enclosure



Hi guys,

I just got myself a cheap 5.25" USB2 case and put H44N inside it. I’ve downloaded CD-DVD speed and told it to create a DVD in order to figure out if it’s working well or not.

Can anyone tell me if the results are good/bad? I have no idea what the graph is telling me.

Thanks muchly.

EDIT: I’ve done the benchmark test using the Disc that it made itself, are those results good or bad?


Results are quite good in regards to burn speed and TRT. Also 29mbps Burst rate is excellent for a USB enclosure.


Just FYI, you can change the upper limit for DVD speed on the graphs in File->Options->Transfer Rate/Disc Quality->Maximum Speed DVD.


ok 2 questions, what does the yellow line indicate in the burn graph?

and secondly, what are the little pitfalls in the burn graph?


The yellow line indicates RPM and the “little pitfalls” are calibration points where the burner is adjusting speed.


so in the grand scheme of things, is my drive and enclosure combo good, or bad? Shall I keep this enclosure or look for another?


Post #2 says it all :wink: Keep it.


oki dokie, not bad for a £10 enclosure.


The problems people have with enclosures is that some will not let you burn at max speed with your burner. Looks like the one you have will.

What chipset does it have in the enclosure?


In the “grand scheme of things” you should do the research and make your own decisions.


Hi mjwhitfield

I am also looking for an USB2 or Firewire external enclosure to install
LG GSA-H44N, for my iMac-Intel 20¨Apple Computer…

I would like to know the brand, price and where you get your
cheap 5.25" USB2 case??



It was this one:
DabsValue 5.25" Aluminium Enclosure £17.98 inc vat.

I’ve had a look through the threads on external cases. I was just looking for 2nd opinions for people with more experience than me. Try not so be so abrasive, it hasn’t achieve anything other than mildly offending me.

I have no idea? Where would I look to find that?

Which bit of the graphs tells you that? The burst rate? What does 29919 KB/sec translate into for burning speeds?


On the chip on the circuit board inside the case. ie. Plumax, Oxford, NEC to name a few.

Burst Rate and Write speed in your top graph (Create Data Disc). The green line and Speed in numbers on right side.


It says “NEC Japan” and then about 3 lines of serialcodes/model numbers.

Want me to take a photo?


If you want but i’d say it’s a NEC chip. Thank you for looking.


The reviews look good on it also.


right you are.

When I was looking around at the threads about this stuff, it seemed like people like the plumax and oxford chips, but I couldn’t find any retailers in the UK that told you that kind of information. The cases I got were just a quick punt to see if they worked. I’m rather pleased with how it turned out.

Thanks for your help rolling :slight_smile:

I gave up trusting the reviews on Dabs ages ago!


Glad to help. :slight_smile: This will also help someone looking for an external enclosure later on in time :wink:

Well looks like they were true this time :clap:


You are very easilly “mildly offended”. I answered several of your questions, without any thanks from you, incidently, and told you to decide for yourself whether or not to keep the drive.
If you find me abrasive, so be it.


You’re correct, it was rude of me not to thank you for your input. So, thank you.