Can anyone give more information about this drive?

I’ve saw it at:


Whether it a Renesas or Panasonic model?

As I understood, it is a successor of H22N.

It’s a Panasonic-based model, almost equivalent to H22N. The webpage says and the photo of a store spec sheet shows that the main [and probably the only] difference is that 10x DL speeds available with the H42N.

It isn’t. In fact it’s a Renasas chipset drive :


Yeah, you are right.

LG has abandoned the odd=Renesas, even=Panasonic model numbering scheme with this drive.

We now have

GSA-H10*: Renesas 16x
GSA-H12*: Renesas 18x
GSA-H20*: Panasonic 16x
GSA-H22*: Panasonic 18x
GSA-H30*: SATA ? 16x
GSA-H42*: Renesas 18x

yes new chipset Renesas R8J32021HFPV


I can’t wait to see what that drive can do. Good information. Thanks.:clap:

Actually, they abandoned it some time ago; the H30N uses a Panasonic MN103SC0GSA chipset. The H50N is a Panasonic chipset drive too. The model number isn’t going to help us figure out what kind of chipset is used anymore :frowning:

Can anybody tell me about LG GSA-H42N jumper locations? Primary/Slave etc. I bought 2 from new egg thinking to download a manual online and have been dealing with the LG internet maze for three days. Thanks from Laguna Vista, TX

mine were on the top…hard to see…but over the jumper. right is master, middle is slave and left is computer select.

how come LG is pretty quiet with SATA stuff? even LG FAQ doesn’t have any info about it :frowning: