LG GSA-H42N won't write any disc



My DVD writer HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H42N suddenly won’t read any disc, not even audio CD. It was working well 2 weeks ago when I burned a data dvd.

It show up under My Computer, no yellow ! under device manager & can eject & close. But when I look at its driver details, I notice there is no tick beside NTIDrvr.sys (refer to picture) & wonder is this the cause & how to fix or the writer is just dead as It doesn’t seem to spin. Please advise.



the “unitcked” driver in that overview is installed with NTI CD/DVD burning software. Unticked since it has not been digitally signed (digitally signing a driver costs extra money). Unless you did install that software recently, there is nothing to be worried about.

I want you to try this: grab a bootable CD or DVD. A live Linux disc is preferred, but you can also use a Windows install disc (but then watch out for the “press any key to boot from the CD” message).
If you can not boot from a bootable disc, your drive’s hardware might be faulty. Else, there might be a software problem.



How do I go about this? I got win XP install disc but I’ve never done this before & afraid I’ll mess up the system :frowning: