Lg gsa h42n very slow



hi guys i bought an lg gsa h42n burner recently,the problem is this,i burn at 8x speed,and it takes at least 10-15 mins to do just the image of the movie alone,i did a quick burn last nite at 8x speed,once again,and it took about 21 minutes to do just that,when it should have taken 15 mins,never had that problem,with my other burners,so should i take it back,or can this problem be orrected,any advice would be much appreciated.


Depends on what media you are using. Many burners spin down multiple times during a burn to recalibrate and produce better quality burns (especially near the outer edge of the disc). Could be a problem with these spin down cycles since an 8x burn should be right around 15 minutes (w/out data verification).