LG GSA-H42N, LiteOn LH-20A1H or Pioneer DVR-112D

(Or whatever the good LG one was…)

Doh, still haven’t got a drive, ordered the LiteOn a long time ago but with some option for cheaper shipping but that included calling them and shit so I skipped it altogether.

Most important for me is burn quality on quality media (taiyo yuden or the verbatims, eventuelly ritek g05s if nothing else works in my gamecube :(, anyone tried?).

It would be nice if the drive did quality scans and was better on reading scratched discs and so on.

I don’t mind much at all about speed, copy protections, CD-R performance, …

I haven’t checked here for a few months, there are no new better drives out?

The LG is still a better burner than the pioneer or are they similair?
The Liteon doesn’t do as good burns but are the only one which does reliable quality scans?

Is it better to live with lower burn quality on the liteon but be able to scan discs or better burns but no scans? Or should I just get both LG and liteon?

Atleast the pioneer is available at SVP which is nice because I want to order a bunch of DVDs from there anyway.

SVP has http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=2451 LiteOn DH-20A1P-45C for only £16.99 and also the http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=2146 Pioneer DVR-112D for £19.99 (non-D for £20.99 but not in stock.)

I guess it doesn’t matter the Lite-on is an oem drive? I can just flash it to LH or whatever the normal modells are called?

Is the Lite-on “to bad” of a burner and should I complement or only get the Pioneer DVR-112D or LG GSA-H42N/H62N? I can’t find the H62N here in Sweden thought.

Lite-on + pioneer are easiest since they are both in the same store, but does the pioneer do as good burns as the lg?

Speaking of which, should I get ATA or SATA versions of the drives? My motherboard is an old MSI MS-6702 with Via k8t800-shit-chipset if that matters.
Sucks to upgrade the machine and get unusable drives later on, but are there any troubles with the sata-drives? My next computer will probably be a macbook pro thought.

GSA-H42N == 251 sek + shipping here = 367 sek = £27 but easier with warrantys in Sweden.

So please mix and match (one or two drives):
LiteOn LH-20A1H = £17
Pioneer DVR-112D = £20
LG GSA-H42N = £27

All three are good drives and none of the three will give you much trouble. If cost is not an issue, get the Lite-On for scanning and one other drive. H42N is good for high-speed burns. I do not trust Pioneer to produce consistent burns at 16x or 18x but that is my personal impression from one DVR-112 [it does superb burns at 8x, though].

If you get just one drive, the Lite-On has tons of features, including quality scanning, and should be fine by itself.

So the LG is a better burner than the Pioneer? Would be most convenient if I could order both from the same place thought.

Should I go with pata or sata versions? My motherboard is shitty msi ms-6702 (neo-fsr2) with Via puke-k8t800 chipset.

I wouldn’t say that H42N is a better burner than DVR-112, period. Either one will work well, but from my observations H42N burns faster and with better quality at high speeds, 16x and 18x… keep in mind, my opinion is based on 20-30 burns with 4-5 media types.

Parallel or serial ATA - that depends on how many ports you have, what is hooked up to them, and what else you plan to add in the future.

PATA is going away, and this process will accelerate with new ICH9-based chipsets from Intel dropping PATA altogether this year. Many vendors will use separate chips and continue to build PATA-equipped boards for years, but still, buying SATA drives is more future-proof, if you plan to keep them more than a couple of years… By the time PATA is really gone, BD burners should be very affordable.

I would, I have a 112D and a H42N and the LG blows it away with MCC 004 and TY[G] 02 and 03 I only burnt a few of each as I saw no reason to keep wasting them on the Pio 112D so I put it in another box where it will just be used for reads.

In my case its only with MCC 004 and a few of each TY media I have and at around 8x and 12x speeds, but I had no interest in going any further and used an Optiarc see http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=217342

I agree that by the time PATA is gone BR burners will be cheap and we will have the next few as well, I very much doubt that PATA will be gone in the next ten years, there might be more SATA stuff about but PATA does its job very well and there are a lot of drives about that use it, there is also the fact of add on cards, I have still yet to meet a person that wants a mother boerd with only one PATA head on it and have seen many not get it for that reason. Dont use that as a big reason for getting a drive IMO, SATA offers thiner cables and not much else.

Isn’t there a change that future firmware updates will make the DVR-112D better then? It’s a few months/some month newer than the GSA-H42N isn’t it?

Which of these three drives has the better 3rd-party (modified) firmwares and other benefits of robust community support?

The Lite-On. I like my LG H42N and my LG H62L (SATA version of the H42L). They don’t do quality scans but are very fast accurate burners. I also have a LH-20A1P and it’s a good burner also with modified KL0M fb-eos f/w.