LG GSA-H42N driver problems

hello all the cd freaks out there.
I am having a problem with a LG that i recently baught off newegg. Since it came without software bundled with it I can not get it to work at all. I have it put in my computer but windows does not find the correct drivers to install. I am running a windows xp x64 machine which i just installed SP2 on. If anyone could direct me to a place that i could find the software needed to run this component i would be a very happy person. I am off to work now, so i will be able to respond to any questions at about 12pm eastern time.

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Is the jumper set correctly? What IDE drivers do you have?

Put it simply. its set to master. All the cables are plugged in correctly. The drive works. The PC recognizes it as being there. But windows can not find the correct drivers for it to run. If anyone has the drivers for this cd drive, please direct me to a way to get them.

The drivers you need are built in to Windoze.

You never did answer my other question.

I dont know what IDE drivers that i have, how can i figure that out?
i was having this same problem with another driver that i was trying to use. Thats why i thought that an upgrade would solve my problem.

I actually solved my own problem heh. I was having a code 41 error so i did some fiddling in the registry and fixed it by deleting some filters. thanks for the help. this will be the first place i come to when im stumped with any new drives.

I’m having the exact same problems

I used to have a Pioneer DVR-107Dr

and it wasn’t working right so I went and bought the LG GSA-H42N

I have it in an external housing that has its own powersupply/fans etc–and connects via USB

Well I set it up and turned it on the first time and it worked perfectly

Then a couple days later windows stopped detecting it properly, it just reads as CD Drive (E: ) instead.

So what exactly did you do to the registry to fix it?

I have it set to slave (but I tried master as well)

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It’s not the exact same problem unless you’re seeing an error code in Device Manager, as the OP mentioned :wink: - plus the OP’s drive is fitted internally, whereas yours is in an enclosure.

Are you getting an error code in Device Manager?
What OS are you using?
If it’s in an enclosure I’d set the jumper to Master, by the way.


No error in Device Manager

I’m using XP SP2 on a Dell Inspiron 8600

It’s not even reading the device right in DM

take a look


I set it back to master again btw, I just tried slave for a second, but that didn’t help anything.

Like I said though, it worked a couple days ago perfectly…then I went to turn it on to burn something yesterday and it no longer detected properly.

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Try unplugging it and reboot,then plug it back in and see if it recognizes it.

I already tried that several times the other day

But I’ll try it again just for kicks while you guys think of other things.

I really appreciate the speedy replies though guys–i’m really impressed how quickly responses come up

Ouch. Try rolling’s advice first, but at a guess it might be the enclosure - a lot of LGs don’t do well in them. Might want to try the drive internally if all else fails just to eliminate a drive problem. :slight_smile:

Any other drive you can try in that enclosure?

Yeah–I tried rolling’s advice again…still doesn’t work

Unfortunately I don’t have a desktop computer to try the drive internally…

Well originally I was trying it with my pioneer 107D and it did this same thing

So I guess it’s probably the enclosure that’s the problem then…

I forgot to mention that if I click properties on it it will in fact say that the Device IS working properly


working properly my ass :slight_smile:

Hahaha :smiley:

Yep, if your Pio was acting the same I’d say it’s the enclosure. From what you’re seeing in Device Manager (those funny symbols where the drive name should be), I’d guess it’s the IDE cable inside the enclosure.

Edit: nice system name BTW :bigsmile:

Should I try another IDE cable in it? I think I have one lying around, and I have access to it inside the enclosure

I would have thought regular IDE cables were a bit long. The cable inside my Belkin enclosure’s only a few inches long.

I personally would just try a different enclosure. I’m not really familiar with the internals of enclosures to be honest, I just know where the cables go LOL :wink:

Yeah…I don’t have a cable that has the same pin layout…so that’s not gonna work…

It’s about 3-4 inches long…

I guess I’ll just have to order another enclosure and wait for it…if nobody else has any ideas.

It definitely seems like it’d be the enclosure not the drive itself, now that I think about it.

To bad you cannot try it in a desktop.

Well…seeing how it worked a couple days ago and I burned several things that work fine…I dont’ feel like the drive (which is brand new) just pooped out on me.