LG GSA-H42N-BK $30.99 Free Shipping @ Newegg



Free Shipping on the LG 18x GSA-H42N-BK drive:


Great drive at a great price


One of the best 18x burners out there!! I already have 2 :bigsmile:


I just got one… I missed the last time they were on with free shipping!


I just ordered my second on Friday. Used paypal10 for free shipping with PayPal. Don’t know if this still works but you could try. Great drive, especially for the price!
I should have read Dalen’s post more carefully. I thought he missed the free shipping THIS time.


I bought three of them w/ free shipping after reading this post. Just stopping back to say thanks!


looking at your signature, you bought 3 and you haven’t installed any of them?? shame on you


Great Tropic!!! Glad that I could let you in on the deal. I love the free shipping deals because I’ve figured out that every 5 drives you buy with free shipping, you can buy a 6th drive. :slight_smile:


Will this burner work to burn some 360 games


burning three hundred sixty games?? or Xbox 360??
If burning 360 games, then yeah, any burners can do that
for XBOX 360 games, it is media thing, even Verbatim DL media are better, but some have better luck using Ritek DL media. I dont know why/how it works that way
but for me, I will never touch any other DL media again except verbatim. Unless I find some TY DL media in the US



Verbatim DL media is always a safe bet with most burners and LG H42N is one of the best new 18X burners .

I am thinking about getting one myself right now specially that its price here in Egypt is excellent for a retail drive (38.5$) :clap:


The link says + $5.68 shipping cost now.


You can use the code PayPal10 and it gives you free shipping, but you have to pay with PayPal…

Im interested, I was looking at the Pioneer 112 and was wondering which is better as far as DVD +/- R/DL burning with mediocre to good media?

Can anyone help?


Code you posted no longer works.



The “PayPal10” code was only good 'til March 31, 2007 - midnight PDT-eh!


There will be more sales…

Keep an eye at Fatwallet.com


As of today (Wed April 11), it’s back on sale with free shipping…


@Dalen Quaice

Nice! If I didn’t have 2 already I would buy another


Thanks for the tip… Ill be picking one up now…


TY makes DL media?