LG GSA-H42L vs. Samsung SH-S182M?

I recently got an LG GSA-H42L from Best Buy and right out of the box it doesn’t want to burn DL. I havn’t had any luck trying to troubleshoot it and I’m very close to returning it to Best Buy and exchanging it for another LG GSA-H42L or a Samsung SH-S182M and I wanted people’s thoughts on which one is the better drive.

I’m kind of hesitant to get another LG since the first one I ever bought worked so poorly. I would assume I just got a bad LG drive, but who knows. So what do you guys think? LG or Samsung? Where are these two drives on the “current best burner” list? What are their positives and negatives, etc?

Thanks :slight_smile:

PS. The lightscribe on the LG means nothing to me. I don’t use it. I just got that model because that’s what they had at Best Buy. I know I could have ordered from someplace online that was better and cheaper but I wanted to physically pick it up from a place that was near my house so if there were any problems I wouldn’t spend weeks and weeks mailing packages back and forth just to get a replacement.