LG GSA-H42L spee only up to 16x is shown in Nero



Hi everyone,

in the nero pulldown box when selceting the burning speed only 16x is shown as a maximum speed. What must be done to show up the 18x burning speed which should be possible with this drive?

Thanks fpr the answers in advance


I don’t have this drive, but I think it might depend on the mediacode (or MID) of the disc you’re trying to burn - what’s the mediacode?

Find this out with Nero CD-DVD Speed, under the “Disc Info” tab.

My Samsung 18x burner, for example, only burns YUDEN000 T03 (Plextor 16x +Rs) and MCC004 (Verbatim 16x +Rs) at 18x out of the discs that I have. :wink: