LG GSA-H42L SLOW burn speeds

Hi. I bought this drive about 2 months ago and was very happy with it until yesterday. I have been burning DVD .iso files that are about 4 gigs and was doing it in like 3 or 4 minutes max. Then all of a sudden yesterday the process became painfully slow and was averaging 18 minutes to do what it used to do in 3. I have no clue what could have caused this.

I have had DMA problems in the past and it appears that DMA was never turned off and has always been in mode 4 for that drive. I tried deleting the IDE channels just to be safe and that didn’t do anything.The hard drive is in DMA mode 5. I tried upgrading the firmware to sl01 today but that didn’t do anything either. I also have run virus and spyware tests and ran a barebone startup and all I can get is the same slow results. One thing I do notice that I can’t remember happening before is that the buffer level will drop every 15 seconds or so to around 10 or 20%. I tried looking up people that were having buffer problems but could not find a way to fix this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I forgot to add that I’m using Nero 7 to burn. I have 2 gigs of Ram.

Is it the Nero buffer or the drive buffer?

Probably means you need to defragment the HDD, since the PC can’t supply the data quick enough for 16x.

It’s the little one on the bottom. Not the big one that is labeled “used read buffer.” I’m gonna try to defrag it and see if that helps, thanks.