LG GSA-H42L reading problems?


I’m having some reading issues with my H42L drive. I know that sometimes didn’t have problems at all. But now my drive doesn’t have any more fine TRTs, even if that disc is well written (tested with Verbatim MCC 004 burned by 20A1H at 6x = very good quality).
I must say that my drive is Primary Master and Primary Slave is PIONEER DVR-112D. On the Secondary I have 20A1H and 16H5S. SH-S203B is a SATA drive connection, and I have one 250GB WD SATA2 drive.

My system is an AMD Athlon X2 BE-2400 on one ASUS motherboard. I have the latest nVidia chipset drivers installed and all my other drives are running without any problems.

I don’t have any idea what can cause such reading behaviour, except maybe it could be my PSU but that’s new and it’s an RAIDMAX 520W PSU, so … don’t think that the problem could be that PSU.

I have disconnected all my other drives, except S203B, and changed the cable (was already running in UDMA4) but no change.

In following picture it’s shown that reading issue
Do you have any idea what could cause it?


If you’re using a motherboard with an nVidia chipset and when you’re using the nVidia IDE drivers try to remove them and use the standard Microsoft drivers instead.

Actually it’s a bug in Use an older version and look at the result.

Thanks to you both
I also thought at Bob’s idea but much later yesterday :).

So… that was a bug in CDSpeed
Put CDSpeed and … now it’s ok.