LG GSA-H42L burn trouble

Hi all, I sure hope I’m doing this right, I just got this drive and installed it in my Dell 2400. Secondary IDE, jumper set to main. DMA enabled, At first, windows explorer would not reconize any disk in the drive, uninstalled sonic DLA, then reinstalled it, now explorer reads it, but when trying to burn .avi’s to DVD-R with nero vision 4, goes all the way through transcoding, then ejects the disk saying its not empty, Do a format, same thing. Can still drag n drop files from windows explorer to dvd, tryed two brands of disk’s (Maxell DVD-R 16x, and TDK DVD-R 16x) 3x each, got 1 to burn. (took 2 days now), uninstalled nero, re-installed then tryed again, same thing, no luck, could these all be bad disks? or am I missing something, the 1 that burned, burned at 1.5x, took hours, was looking for help, got enough coasters :slight_smile: again, hope Im in the right place, thanx

I would check the system first. Check the cable (need 80 pin cable, to work in UDMA 4), then check your software system (problems with Windows, maybe some troubles with some drivers … I don’t know …)
Or maybe you got a defective drive. In this case I would recommand to see how your drive’s working in another computer …
And … what kind of nero are you using? I would recomand for being sure the

Thanx for the reply, I got this drive because the old one started doing the same thing, nero just upgraded, should I use the, thought maybe it was a worm or trojan so I bought registry mechanic and ran it, 1500 problems, fixed them, anti- virus and spyware was upgraded and running, (AVG 7.5 & Spyware doctor), I got 2 more movies to burn in the last day, so Im thinking maybe the disks are bad, just wish they’d burn faster than 1.5x, when I try to burn at once, the drive will always eject the disk and say the disk is not empty, I have to go through the transcoding and then it will eject at least 2 of them

Try Verbatim DVDs