LG GSA-H42L (Booktype related)


As i read a lot of Information now about LG Drives and I’m new to LG i tried around a bit with my brand new drive. I read that the LG Burners generally do not support setting Booktype on DVD+RW Media, but i discovers the H42L does ! I burned a DVD+RW Disc just to test this and it’s Booktype is DVD-ROM now. I burned with Nero, checked with Nero and DVDInfoPro, DVD-ROM :slight_smile: Also since I’m using Nero to burn all my stuff and you can set the Booktype there there’s no need for command line tools or whatsoever to change the Booktype every time you boot Windows.

Forgive me if this is no new Info :slight_smile:

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It’s always worth a pointer. I believe the latest range of LG’s do use auto setting for DVD-Rom.

are you sure the DVD-ROM booktype on the RW disc was not set by another drive (BenQ?) beforehand?

I tried writing an DVD+RW disc with Nero, and the booktype’s still RW. And under Recorder Settings, I have the drive set to Booktype DVD-ROM.