LG GSA-H42 N or L -Please, some scans with DL media



sold I buy this Drive, I have Optiarc 7173 befor… :confused:
can for LG GSA-H42 N or L some one make scans with DL media?

Thanks, Hansjo


It looks like a solid drive. Worked well with all media I’ve tried so far.

Some Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL, burned at 4x [which is the maximum overspeed offered].


Thanks agent009 for scans.
Here in Germany the 8x +DL “CMC MAG D04” has a very low price. When this media works fine with the GSA-H42… , I must buy this one. :iagree:


Well, with this drive, you are going to need a lot of patience [45 minutes per disc] with CMC MAG D04.

Another LG drive, GSA-H22N, burns them very well at 4x. There are some scans here and here.