Lg gsa-h31n Firmware update? (does it even exist?)



[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the LG GSA-H31N. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]I’m unable to use a certain type of SONY DVD RW discs, and I have quite a lot :frowning: I need to find a firmware update, but I’ve seen the darkest corners of google now and there’s no firmware update to be found, exept for the Dell version… But I have the Acer version, and the Dell tool tells me that the drive and firmware don’t match, so I’m too scared to break it with that flash…


@ possamai,

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The LG GSA-H31N drive can be flashed to the more desirable GSA-H30N drive – the GSA-H30N drive supports Read/Write DVD-RAM Media and Read/Write DVD-R DL Media were as the LG GSA-H31N drive is unable to Read/Write DVD-RAM Media and only able to Read DVD-R DL Media and unable to Write DVD-R DL Media.

Perhaps reviewing the below CD Freaks LG DVD Burner Forum posting will be helpful ->


And also the below The Firmware Page Forum posting ->


Concerning your “Sony DVD RW Disc” problem – You “Sony DVD RW Disc” problem is most likely not “Drive Firmware” related but is a poor quality Media related. Sony Branded Media is not actually manufactured by Sony but the Media manufacturing is sub-contracted out to various Media manufactures and unfortunately the resulting Sony Branded Media is usually problematic undesirable poor quality. Suggest obtaining known proven high quality error free Media such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media.



Hi, thanx for the reply, and thax for the welcome :slight_smile:

I had seen those 2 links you gave me (one of the less darker corners of google) but I wondered why I would want to flash it to a H30N…
I never had any problems until now with those sony things…

It’s not the discs this time though, they’re fine on a stand-alone dvd recorder…

I’m still a little scared about flashing it…Especially to another type of firmware… I don’t want to destroy the drive, and there are soooo many diferent firmwares… it’s difficult to find the right one…


@ possamai,

Perhaps you should closely review the referenced postings in my #2 posting. Both the GSA-H31N drive and the GSA-H30N drive are in fact EXACTLY the same drive. The only difference between to two Drives is the differences in Firmwares. The GSA-H31N Drive Firmware is a just a ‘crippled’ GSA-H30N Firmware that doesn’t allow DVD-RAM Read/Write and DVD-R DL Writing. These Drive manufatures have been doing the ‘crippled’ Firmware trick thing all throughout the CD Drive era and have carried the ‘crippled’ Firmware trick thing over to the DVD Drives.

Once again concerning your “Sony DVD RW Disc” problem – It is a know well documented fact that the vast majority of Sony Branded Media is in fact usually problematic undesirable poor quality Media. Just because a particular Media disk appears to burn correctly is not a valid indicator of the true burn quality of the particular Media disk. Disc Quality Scanning of a particular burned Media disk is a true definitive means of determining if in fact the burning result is a quality error free burning result. Before assuming that your Sony DVD RW Disc are quality error free burning results suggest performing Disc Quality Sans of your burned Sony DVD RW Media Disc.



Okay you convinced me :slight_smile:
Im gonna give it a try.. Just one last issue: does it matter that its an Acer OEM Drive and not a Dell OEM drive? or is that just a firmware thing as well?

And that disc quality scanning… is that with the nero info tool that`s being mentioned all around the forum?


@ possamai,

A LG GSA-H31N Drive is a LG GSA-H31N Drive no matter whose Computer Manufacturer’s Computer the Drive is installed in.

Concerning Disk Quality Scanning – Perhaps reviewing the below Forum posting will be helpful ->







Well, I tryed…
The flash tool just tells me “Mismatch Inquiry Information between F/W and Drive.”

So… No go… Google doesn’t really give me any info about the message… :frowning:


@ possamai,

Specifically exactly what “Flash Tool” are you referring to?

Exactly what Flashing procedures are you attempting to use to Flash your LG GSA-H31N Drive to a GSA-H30N Drive?

Strongly suggest closely reviewing the below referenced CD Freaks Forum posting in its entirety and use the procedure as EXACTLY detailed by Forum Member nhzmju in postings #5 & #8 in the below referenced CD Freaks Forum posting. This procedure has been verified numerous times to work without any difficulties ->




I followed the howto exactly…

[I]I used WINFLS6X.EXE as flash program I found in H22N_101.ZIP

RPC1 Firmware - 1.01 Windows.

and extracted the file http://lgodd.lge.com/fwdrv/DVD-WRITER/GSAH30N_103.exe (using 7zip) resulting in a .bin file I used with the above flash program.[/I]

I did exactly this… I first extracted the binfile with winrar, but when I got the error I installed 7Zip… no change… the MD5 of the bin file is exactly the same so extraction of the executable is not the problem…

I don’t know what other info to give… I used the same tools, same files and (as far as I know) same drive…
Still I get that error no matter what…

I also tryed HBloader.exe but that one tells me there’s something wrong with the file (if this is compared to the drive I do not know, it’s not exactly a verbose error message :frowning: )