LG GSA H31N Burner Problems



I have an LG GSA H31N Burner that came with my computer from dell. It will burn maybe one or two dvds or cds if im lucky, then subsequent burns give me an error. This used to not happen. It only started maybe 2 or 3 months ago. My computer is not even 1 year old yet. I tried flashing it with the firmware B110, but with no luck. I tried deleting the upper and lower filter thingies, but no luck:sad:. I use Windows Media Player to burn cds and Windows DVD Maker to burn dvds. they used to work great every time. I dont know what wrong with it!!!
Please help!!!:sad:


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What media are you using (brand and rated speed)?

Just in case, have you checked that DMA is enabled, as per the link in my signature?


I am using 16x speed dvd-rs and 52x speed cd-rs. On WMP, I have the fastest speed selected for burning and DVD Maker as well. DMA is enabled. :sad:


Try burning the DVD-R at 8x/12x, and the CDR at 32x if you’re burning data, or 16x if you’re burning audio.

See if that helps. :slight_smile:


on the software, i set the burn speed to slow, but i still get an error. when burning dvds, it says it cannot create dvd and to check if it is properly connnected and when burning cd, it says to make sure that the burner is connected and that it is not busy or something, but it is connected because it burns once or twice at the most! is there any other way i could change the speed of the burner other than through the burning software?:confused::sad:


No, burn speed has to be set in the burning software.

What burning software are you using? Perhaps someone here is using the same software and can give you some pointers. :slight_smile:

What brand(s) are the discs you’re using?


im using Windows Media Player to burn hp brand cd-rs and Windows DVD Maker to burn staples brand dvd-rs. they work the first couple times, then they just decide to stop…:sad:


Hmmm. Well, the HP CDRs should be fine at the speeds I mentioned, the Staples DVD-Rs I would be a little more suspicious of.

Can you download and run CD-DVD Speed, put one of the CDRs into your drive, and go to the “Disc Info” tab - then post what it says for Manufacturer.

Then do the same with one of the Staples DVD-Rs, except this time I’d like to see the MID info.

That will tell us who made the discs.

Meanwhile, do you have a copy of any other software you can use, e.g Nero? I ask because it may be easier to control the burn speed with another software.



i had nero and roxio, but i didnt like them.
CMC Magnetics for the cds Manufacturer and CMC for the dvds. the mid for the dvds says CMC MAG. AM3


OK, thanks :slight_smile:

CMC CDRs are pretty good, and CMC MAG. AM3 DVD-R has been good for me if I limit the burn speed to 8x.

Another good reason for using Nero, is if a burn fails, it’ll give you the option to save an error log - these can include lots of useful info about what’s going wrong with the burn and where.

However, unfortunately I don’t use Media Player or DVD Maker to burn my stuff (using XP here, and a bunch of different burning programs depending on my needs). :frowning:


im using vista. i dont understand… it used to work perfectly everytime, it was lovely, but one day it decided to just stop.:confused:
Sometimes it wont even read dvds!


While I’ve had success with CMC DVD-Rs (not so much their 16x +Rs), they can vary in quality when they’re under a brand such as Staples (or any own-brand/budget brands).

Unless anyone else can come up with a better solution, I would suggest buying some Sony or Verbatim media, and using a software that you can set the burn speed correctly in - not just “max” or “slow”. :slight_smile:

Edit: What DVDs does it have trouble reading - pressed (commercial) ones, or burned ones?


i will try different brands. come to think of it, this problem may have started when i bought this spool of hp cds.
the dvds are commercial. again, it never used to have this problem until recently…:sad:


I know my own LG drives can be a bit picky readers, so it may just be a bit temperamental with reading some discs.

But definitely try a change of media brand, and if that doesn’t help, we can rule that out and go from there. Not being able to adjust the burn speeds for DVD to 8x or 12x bothers me a bit, though…as I think being able to do that may be part of rectifying the problem :slight_smile:


Thank you for your prompt replies. i will post what happens when i burn another brand, and i will not be cheap when chosing the next one.:smiley:


Hehe, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Can I just double check something before you go buying new media - the Current Transfer Mode in Device Manager for all your drives is UDMA Mode x (where x is a number), and none of them say PIO Mode?


none say PIO. i unchecked the option that lets bios select the mode, and it burned two cds, then the third one gave me an error saying Windows Media Player cannot burn the files. If the burner is busy, wait for the current task to finish. If necessary, verify that the burner is connected properly and that you have installed the latest device driver.


Ah, no PIO is good then. As for the Media Player error, unfortunately I’m not familiar with it :frowning:


it did burn a fourth one however…:confused::confused::confused:
and a fifth…
but not a sixth
nor a seventh