Lg Gsa-h22n

Just saw this model on LG’s website and wondering if anyone has any information on this drive. Noticed that is writes at 18x, and was curious if this drive has similar or different hardware as one of the other drives or writes at 18x through firmware.


well, the name certainly suggests that it’s similar to the H20N.
possibly same hardware but tweaked firmware ?

which LG website did you see this on ???

Not much information available but a brief description here :


Apparently, there will be a lightscribe capable H22L as well.


Clicked on products at top without selecting a region. Found it under the optical drives section.

From that page, it looks as if it is indeed based on the H20x series of writers. It uses CAV for 16x and 18x writes, so it looks like it has a Panasonic chipset. This is of course, assuming the specs given on LG’s page are correct.