LG GSA-H22N vs Pioneer DVR-111

My old burner has finally started producing crappy discs that don’t read well in my dvd player, so I’m in the market for a new drive. I read a few reviews and it seems like the LG GSA-H22N and the Pioneer DVR-111 are top of the line drives. My question is, which is better? My computer shop sells them both for the same price. I mainly use my writer to produce back ups of mp3s and other files and also to make backups of my PS2 games. I’m not a heavy user, but I want to get the best quality burn for my Taiyo Yuden media.


The LG is technically more up to date. It can’t scan.

The Pio can scan but is unreliable. (If you want a scanning drive, get a Litey.)