LG GSA-H22N v1.0 only burns at 4X, HELP

Hi everyone,

I just got my new rig and everything is great except the DVD drive. It only burns at 4X in DVD mode, CD mode is fine.

I am using RiData DVD-R x16, but I have also tried other media and can’t ever get past the 4X. My old NEC-3040 handled all the other media just fine.

My Motheboard is a Asus P5W DH Deluxe, the Drive is recognized and is in PIO 4, UDMA2.

I have tried nero and ImgBurn… I am using xp pro 64bit edition.

Please help… I read good things about this drive let me see the light.

Any suggestions? Tests? How do I know if the drive needs to be RMA’ed?

Thank you.

I think the drive is fine.

If your RiDATA media is RITEKF1, it’s not surprising. H22N has no strategy for it [as I’ve found myself] and therefore burns at the minimum 4x speed. You may have been equally unlucky with the other DVD media type[s] you tried.

To see media ID (MID), use CD-DVD Speed Disc Info (see here).

To get 16x and higher speeds, try more common media. Verbatim/Mitsubishi is guaranteed to work well at full speed, for example, as is almost any other media. Unfortunately, RITEKF1 is not one of them.

In addition to what agent009 said make sure you are using an 80 pin IDE cable and DMA is enabled. Check out this thread- http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=637970&postcount=1

So which mode is it in? If it’s PIO 4 it won’t burn above 4x anyway.

It should be UDMA4.

You guys kick ass… here is what I found.

The media is indeed RITEKF1. I thought RiData was the best, so what are the recomendations? The other brand I tried was Memorex.

The drive is in UDMA2, The driver details are as follows Microsoft 01/10/2002, 5.2.3790.1830. Windows XP-64Bit Corp.

I’m sure the cable is 80 pin, but I can switch cables with another just in case.

EDIT: How do I get it in UDMA4? Is it necessary?

I will try other media… what does this drive like?

Thank you guys so much.

In my experience, it LOVES the following:
Verbatim MCC 004, specifically the CMC variety
Taiyo Yuden, spcifically YUDEN000 T02 (I’ve used FujiFilm and Sony branded 8x +R)

The 80-wire IDE cable you got with the drive (at least I got one with my H22N) should be OK, of course. Try that one.

I’ve been able to write at 18x on Verbatim DVD+R 16x with YUDEN000 T03 and MCC004 MID, without problems.

using a method similar to this, I can burn RitekF1 at about 12. I selected one of the other ritek write strategies that has 16X:
So this, but change the F1 to something that has higher speeds:


I have a H22L and RitekF1 media. I downloaded the new 1.02 firmware, and it does include a RITEKF1 entry, and it is set to only 4x. You can, however, use MCSE to copy the RITEKM16 settings (4x,8x,12x, 16x) to RITEKF1 and burn at 16x. So far the results have been quite favorable, and discs taking about 5 1/2 minutes. Plus you can remove the riplock while you are at it.

Chastity, I just went and downloaded the latest MCSE and it doesn’t support H22L yet. How did you get yours??? I got it from here: http://ala42.cdfreaks.com/MCSE/ When I load my GSA-H22L102.exe MCSE just doesn’t take it: all fields stay blank.
Is there another place with newer version? :eek:


LG seem to be a bit lacking when it comes to media support. I have the same problem with Philips 16x +R (INFOMER30). The H22N is a good drive and has excellent burn quality. To get the best performance from it, you should stick with well known and good quality media. Mine likes: TDK 16x +R (TDK003), Verbatim 16x +R (MCC004), TDK 8x +R (YUDEN000T02), TDK 8x -R (YUDEN000G02) and Panasonic -R 16x (TYG03). The 8x will burn at 8x and all of the above 16x media will burn at 18x.

You guys friggen rock! If it weren’t for people like you guys, then we’d all be left trying to sort this crap out. For the record;

I have an LG GSA-H22L with latest firmware 1.02 and I was having the same BS problems with write speeds being limited to 4X on DVD-R media.
Specifically my media of choice is MAXELL, it’s always served me well over the years. Now of course the label speed states up to 16X but ran into the same issue.

MAXELL DVD-R and +R’s are labeled as RITEKF1 and is listed to only burn at 4X in Media Code Speed Edit. version: 30 Mar 2009
I followed all your directions, extracted the LG firmware.exe to load the .bin file into MCSE and then copied the settings from RITEKF16 and then flashed the new .bin file it created, rebooted did a new test burn with imgburn and VOILA!! no worries anymore.

Thanks again and again to CDFREAKS and the knowledgable people that offer to help.



I know this is an old thread but can anyone tell me how to flash the edited firmware, I downloaded official firmware 1.02 had to extract it from the *.exe file to open it in MCSE and when saved I now have *.bin file, which program can I use to flash it?


Jeez, why would you bump such an old thread? Anyway, simply extract any official f/w for your drive. You will find LG’s FlashWin tool, and the official .bin file. Delete that .bin file, and run Flashwin. Click the folder icon to point it to your modded f/w.