LG GSA-H22N Super Multi DVD Burner Review

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LG’s latest and fastest 18x Super Multi drive reads and writes
all formats: DVD+R/RW/DL, DVD-R/RW/DL, DVD-RAM, and CD-R/RW.

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Quite nice to see a picture of a 12x disc from Maxell, but still the same policy about distributing it in Europe?

How can I locate a manual for this unit? LG GSA-H22N 18X Suoer Multi DVD Burner

DVD Fab not compatible with LG GSA H22N burner. DVD fab from version 2.96 to V 3 .0 drive locks up and does seem to finalise and won’t eject automatically.Earlier LG burners ie LG GSA 4163 ok with no problems at all.

i have a problem using this device i cannot burn a dvd multisession because i get “are you sure you want to burn multisession? any further session will not be recognized by your operating sistem” or something like this every time i want to start a multisession disc. if i select to continue i am able to write another session on the disc but this ruins it because it becomes somehow unreadable. can this be because the write mode is “disc at once” and not “track ar once”? i tried to change it to track at once but the field for this option is not active so i can’t PLEASE help

I am actually glad to see colino above having finalize issues with DVD-Fab. I am using DVD-Fab Gold and have been pulling my hair out. It stops at 75% during finalize and DVD-Fab locks up and drawer won’t open. Kicker is, if I reboot, the disk is finalized and playable so it actually does complete, just won’t aknowledge it. Glad to see it isn’t me! Excellent drive otherwise, reasonably quiet, extreemly fast and doesn’t mind my dirt cheap no name disks.

my lg dvd writer taking 40 mins to burn a 2.4gb dvd. earlier it used to write in 10 mins. plz help me

I wonder if the two first pins (left connector) I see on the rear view… Diogital out? can I connect a cable from it, to my SB Live card, digital CD in (two pin) connector…? :g

I just bought a GSA-H22N about 2 days ago. It reads and burns CDs perfectly fine, but only reads DVDs, It can’t burn DVDs. Is it just because I’m using Windows to burn it and need a real program, or is it my DVDs (Maxell DVD+R), or is something wrong with my drive?

http://download.softpedia.ro/dl/b2ddc5707ea98846ba99b8fbb107201e/461e15cf/300025389/drivers/FIRMWRE/GSA-H22N102(EW).zip lg gsa-h22n firmware update :slight_smile:

what do you do

how to use it


please, nesesito instalar el drive del quemador de dvd LG GSA-H22N favor enviarmelo al mi correo hectorgonzalez29@yahoo.com o decirme de donde lo puedo bajar hgonzalez

HOLA POR FAVOR NECESITO QUE ME AYUDEN TENGO UN GRABADOR DE DVD MARCA LG MODELO gsa-h22n, y no me reconce los discos memorex dvd-r de 16x ya he instalado el firmware recomendado y sigue asi que puedo hacer por favor saludos kathy


no chgingen para venden estas cosas inservibles hijos de p… puras mamadas con ustedes :stuck_out_tongue: :o :wink:

Please help me out. I got celeron 733mhz machine with 160gb Hard drive and 512mb ram. I recently bought the above LG DVD writer but i am unable to use it as everytime I put CD or DVD it take too much of time to open the file and even the autorun fuction is not working for the drive. It is also showing DS32.exe error.

hi i have same dvd burner but it took so long time to open files or folder pls help thanks

hello everybody! I have one of this GSA-h22n Since February… The thing is, that two days ago I tried to burn a CD and the software (Ones) did not recognize the hardware… But, there’s no problem at all to read a CD or DVD… I try to fix it… and I re- installed the driver…but nothing’s change… Who knows what happend? Please, help me… greeting from chile! pam