LG GSA-H22N Strange discoloration Burns, need help

I know I already posted this in another topic, but I REALLY need help.

I’ve been burning several test dvd’s, mostly Verbatim 16x (MCC004) @ 8x,12x,16x & 18x, and so far, all of them have discolorations, in various areas, usually grouped sometimes towards the beginning, sometimes, around the middle, etc. Some have extremely noticeable lighter areas, while others have very dark areas, and a few have had light areas, with dark burn marks in them.

This has also been the case with FujiFilm (YUDEN000 T02) @ 4x & 8x.

Some of the burns are readable, some are NOT.

Now, I’m new to LG burners, is this NORMAL? Are the dvd’s supposed to have fluctuating discolorations, that vary from dvd to dvd? Do I need to RMA this drive?

Try and post some screenshots of the discolouration. It’s a bit hard to know what you are talking about just from a description alone!

LG drives do sometimes create “rings” when burning. This is mostly due to the Z-CLV write strategy it uses for 8x burns, although I’ve seen it happen to me on 12x burns as well (on 16x media). The rings in question, did not affect my burn quality at all.

I too suspect media to be an issue. Oh and as for Fujifilm (YUDEN000 T02), even Taiyo Yuden can have bad batches. I’ve got 2 of those discs that deteriorated after 1 year. Huge PIF clumps all over now. These used to have QS of like 97-98 when scanned with a BenQ.