LG GSA-H22N problems, only burns 4x

I was wondering I’m having an issue, I have Ritek 16x -R’s and I’ve used Ritek 8x before, and well this DVD writer seems to only want to burn everything at 4X, I was using RecordnowMax and now Nero7, same deal… its really ticking me off, just updated to 1.01 firmware, same deal… any ideas? I’m in XP, thanks.

Well, I guess it’s a media issue.
Ritek seems to be really crap - I would NEVER use them. Some of them look good in initial scans, but after a short period of time, they get worse and worse…

I have the same burner as you and only use Verbatim MCC004 media - burned @ 18x.
Look in here for some scans of various media with this burner.

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Is 4x the actual speed burned at or the only speed (other than max) that you’re given the choice of burning at?

I only get the choice of 4x…

That would indicate, that your drive doesn’t support higher speeds with this media.
Can you start Nero CD/DVD Speed, select the Disk-Info tab and choose your LG drive from the list above. Insert the Ritek media into your drive, then make a screenshot and attach it here, so we can see what it says.

Hey, my GSA-H20N is having the same prob… i used a dvd-r media that supports 8x writing fine, suddenly today it is showing writing speed max 4x, and on a different company’s 16x max dvd-r media the max speed is showing 8x!!! i have nero 7, and my dma is on, i checked.

H22N supports only 4x on RITEKF1 Media.
What ID do your Media have?

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