LG GSA-H22N not reading cd/dvd



I have almost tried anything like reinstall drivers, re plug cables

upgraded firmware from 1.0 to 1.1 install LightScribe

but my dvd ram still down not even in the startup booting screen
which i was thinking reinstall my win xp

my system currently is

Win XP pro sp2
Intel Core2 E6300
Gigabytes P945 motherboard

I just bought the system a week ago everything worked fine
until yesterday i realize my LG dvd ram is not even reading discs
but it says fine by the Device Manager

during the past 3day i havent shut down my pc , and left a win xp install cd in the DVD ram, could that be the reason killed my thing?

any suggestion be appreciated


i think there is some mess up setting to my dvd rom anyone knows how to reset its internal setting?


Which 1.01 (not 1.1) do you installed? The rpc1-Version?

Lightscribe is only for H22L, the N-Version has no Lightscribe-Laser.


oh yea, its 1.01, I see i have no idea what that lightscribe thing is i just install it since people were talking about it

never the less i just when out and replace a liteon 18A1P hope it last a year. haha