LG GSA-H22N In A DVD Duplicator Stable?

i have read your reviews of LG GSA-H22N and i have to say im very impressed with this burner and the speed its phenominal . My question is would it be ok to put This LG Burner in a dvd duplicator and is it stable enough ? BTW i will only be using 16x grade A Media like Verbatims & Taiyo Yudens .

Any Of Your Expertise Information Would Be Greatley Appreciated .

Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

i am using lg gsa-h22n with acard ars 2039 duplicator card. it was having some issues with lg’s firmware 1.01 but acard support gave me new firmware for duplicator card to solve this problem. now no problem with my duplicator.

my dupliactor has 9 lg gsa h22n dvd writer and benq dw1640 as a reader and a seagate 80gb barracuda hdd.

i usually use moserbaer -r media with good burning results with h22n.

Hiren are u able to burn at 16x with the duplicator? Everyone is always saying its better burning at 8x for some reason but i believe that if you have 16x media you should be able to burn safely at 16x .