LG GSA-H22N communication error?

Im definatley new to this site but I couldn’t find an answer to my problem in the FAQ or any other posts, so here it goes. I recently purchased the LG GSA-H22N multi-drive and put it in my pc 3 nights ago. The first night it was working perfectly, burned a few dvd’s no problem. The 2nd day (after having my computer shut down) it came up with a “communication error” in Nero and wouldnt write anything or even read dvd’s for that matter. The sony dvd reader drive i have as the slave below it reads just fine. So i uninstalled the driver on the LG burner, restarted my machine, and it was back running again just fine. Now when i turned on my PC today I was getting the same problem, tried uninstalling the driver and rebooting, but it still wont work…i am totally confused as it was working fine at first and now im getting nothing. Anyone ever hear of anything like this before? Thanks in advance for any help! :slight_smile:

Try checking the 80 pin cable. I had a similar prob and replacing mine fixed the issue and gave me UDMA 4 instead of 2.

Yeah im going to grab a new 80 pin IDE on the way home to try it. Is that UDMA setting under the bios on your drive settings? I think i checked mine and it was at 4, but ill have to check when i can access my PC. Thanks for the fast reply tho :iagree:

You can check the burst rate in NERO cd/dvd speed as well. I went from 23 to 39 MB/sec.