LG GSA-H22N and Verbatim 5X DVD-RAM discs

I am new to DVD-RAM and the LG GSA-H22N is my first DVD-RAM capable drive. I bought a 5-pack of Verbatim 5X DVD-RAM discs here in the USA from a Microcenter retail store for $9.99 . The media code is M01J5006–as I understand it, these discs are rebadged Panasonic 5X DVD-RAM discs. The Maxell 5X DVD-RAM disc is the only other 5X DVD-RAM disc I can find, and it is $6.68 per disc! Anyway, I am thinking that I may have to return the Verbatim discs and purchase the overpriced Maxell discs. Here is my problem: the Verbatim discs only write at 2X! This is according to Nero CD-DVD Speed version . I have Nero and updated the Nero CD-DVD Speed software that came with my older version of Nero. The software indicates the drive writes to these DVD-RAM discs @ 2X. I did this test in Windows XP. The other test of the media I did was in Windows Vista RC1. I formatted the disc with a UDF filesystem and then wrote a 4.12 GB file. Since it took about 30 minutes, it was obvious that this was also a 2X write. So, my question is this: what is wrong here? Should I wait for a firmware update? I am using firmware version 1.00. Do I need to update my software? Or should I go for the expensive Maxell 5X DVD-RAM disc used in the review of this drive on this website? Unfortunately, 12X DVD-RAM media is not available in the USA, so that is not an option. I do not want primitive 2X writing, that is for sure. I know the drive seems to work fine, as I have already burned a Verbatim 16x DVD-R @ 18X in 5:05 and read it back @16X in my new LG DVD burner.

This is not a problem of the Verbatim discs. In fact, Panasonic is the undisputed DVD-RAM leader. When you write a DVD-RAM the write speed is always only one half of the nominal write speed, because unlike ordinary DVD burns the written sector is checked immediately for correctness and rewritten at another position of the disc if necessary. You can disable this safety mode at least in Imgburn and then you get the expected write speed.

They should measure something close to 2.3x for writing, and 5x for reading. Perfectly normal for RAM.

does panasonic manufacture discs ???

I couldnt find it in the write strategy list of the firmware. …