LG GSA-H22N 1.01 Firmware @ CDRLabs

a heads-up:
Ian from CDRLabs has obtained firmware 1.01 for LG GSA-H22N.
he’s making it available for download to CDRLabs subscribers.

LG sent me this for my review and since its not available for download yet, I figured I’d make it available here.

Oh yeah… subscribers get access to it first. :slight_smile:

The 1.01 firmware is available for download in the Subscriber section of the forum. If LG doesn’t post it on their website, I’ll make it available to everyone in a couple of days.
(from http://www.cdrlabs.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=22725 )

Thats good news. :bigsmile::bigsmile: I have a feeling they are going to have a huge number of new members over the next few days… LOL !!:doh:

Any news on an upgrade for the H22L firmware ??? is there such a firmware as i have only heard of the H22N version.


check those 2 threads i linked.
Dolphin asked Ian to ask LG about H22L as well.

I just signed up and got it.

Will test when I get home

I just went to the site to have a look at the firmware update and found some odd differences. My H22N came with the firmware version 1.01 so I wnt to check the DMA mode in the hardware manager. In there the DMA mode changed to Ultra DMA Mode 4. Well, I looked at mine under the Primary IDE Channel and it said: Tranfer Mode: DMA if available/ Current Transfer Mode: Ultra DMA Mode 5. Does this mean that mine is different than the new download? Also I checked my secondary settings which is my Lite-On 1633s and the DMA Mode is Ultra DMA Mode 4.I’m just curious as to what this means. Is this a different firmware? Thanks

Do you look at master or slave device ? Tipicaly the master device in the primary IDE channel is an hard disk operating at udma5 or udma6.

I dont know of any optical drive that operates at UDMA5. :confused:

Pay for a FW update, I don’t think so :a

I will wait for LG or TDB RPC1 version ( :wink: )

I already have “Ultra DMA Mode 4” even though I’m just at 1.00. Maybe there is just an incompatibility with some IDE chipsets.

you should read that topic.

Thanks dodecahedron. Mine was from 06-08-05, which explains it.

Any other known improvements in 1.01?

Thanks zhadoom, you are right. Mine is DMA 4.

My Lite-On SH-16A7S (SATA) is running in UDMA5 (burst rate 60MB/s).

Thx. Very interesting. Do you know any PATA drive over UDMA4 ?

You are welcome. I’m sure only a SATA drive runs in UDMA5.

Are you sure SATA drives run at any UDMA level at all ? SATA (aka SATA/150 or SATA 1) runs at 150 MB/s, which was never named UDMA something.

It’s only according to the first secondary channel (device manager) current transfer mode. My other burner (IDE) is listed under the second secondary channel. My SATA2 drive also listed under the first primary channel. I don’t know why both my SATA hard drive and SATA burner are listed under the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers though.
According to BIOS, the SATA burner is located at the fourth channel.

1). First Secondary IDE Channel (Lite-On SH-16A7S SATA)

2). Second Secondary IDE Channel (Pioneer 111L & LG H22L)

3). First Primary IDE Channel (Samsung SP2504C SATA 2 HDD)

If someone wants to forward a copy, we’ll take a look at patching it.

Brother Vlad

My H22N came with fw 1.01…oct 2006 manufacture date(well according to Nero 9-21-06)