LG GSA-H22LI scan

Is the H22L able to scan the DVD/CD quality like LiteOn and others can?

“Is the H22L able to scan the DVD/CD quality like LiteOn and others can?”


i was being more informative than practical. i don’t know if the H30N is for sale in the US or anywhere else for that matter (though it [I]is [/I] on the Korea LG website).

the H30L (same as H30N + LightScribe) [I]is [/I] to be had in the US in a SP computer.

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Thanks…I realize you were providing info and would rather have a sata drive…wonder if dell sells this drive

that should’ve been “in a [B][I]HP[/I][/B] computer”

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HMM…my impression is the H22N gives a better burn than H22L…

As I understand it the H22L is just a H22N with lightscribe

Can anyone confirm whether the H22L burns at the same quality as the H22N? Lightscribe would be fun to have but I’d rather have better burn quality considering how much non-Lightscribe media I have. (Only CA$9 price difference between the two drives at NCIX.) Thanks.


Ok…I gave in and opened and installed the drive…Master on my system below…removed my BenQ1640

GSA-H22L FW 1.00
I used Verbatim 16x MCC004 about 9mo old
I burned video .iso w/Nero…max burn speed is 16x burn times were 5min 47 sec
Scans were with my external 1620
First scan is first burn on drive,
second scan is second burn with drive
third scan is BenQ 1640 BSLB burn @12x wopc off…burn time is typically 6 min 5 sec

Verbatim DL 2.4x…burned at 6x burn time was 20min (I can burn this at 8x on my BenQ1640)
Looks very similar to an 8x Benq1640 based PIF and jitter(but there is ton of PIE)
first scan is LG burn@6x
second scan is Benq1640 BSLB burn@8x

Ripped a dvd video…took 20min with Clonedvd to make rip and make image(1640 usually takes 15 1/2 min)

Just not surewhat I think of this drive yet…I think overall the BenQ 1640 BSLB is better writer but a bit, faster ripper out of the box

1st scan is VERBATIM MCC 004 burned @18x spd with NERO BURN.
2nd scan is VERBATIM MCC 004 burned @ 18x spd with IMG BURN.
Used a BENQ 1640 flashed to BENQ EW164B firmware BEFB to scan the discs. I’m not sure if this drive is a keeper just yet. :wink:

Hmm…How did you get Nero to burn at 18x???..

What version of Nero?

Ok…if I use Nero cd/dvd speed…info tab I get the info below
if I open and use Nero to burn an .iso image I get the second screen shot with a max 16x burn speed(this for the same Verbatim 16x MIT
I should not the buffer on the LG drive when burning runs at 90-97%…with my BenQ1640 I would see buffer go from 80-97%(just noticed at the very end of 16x burn on the H22L buffer was 87-97%…seems buffer stays higher on this drive FWIW)

Another MCC004@16x…burn time is 5min50sec…leadin/out takes way too long

i don’t know if this will solve your 16x/18x issues, but why are you using Nero and not ?

good question…because I stopped updating Nero once I found a version that had no issues…I will try

This why I never tried Nero 7

Ok…I fixed the 18x issue, I needed Nero…duh
Verbatim MCC004@18x, burn time 5min 20…burned an .iso

Damn nice burn IMHO

Very similar to BenQ 1640 burn@16x…all my MCC004(at least this batch) seem get a spike at 3GB mark…not sure whether an avg jitter of 8.23 vs 7.85 really is significant…

Lead-in/lead out is long…which prevents it from being as fast as the Samsumg 18x

Great burn!

Glad you have it fixed!