LG GSA-H22LI scan

My first LG drive burned a Verbatim disc at 18x spd. Scanned with a Benq 1640. I don’t scan much but figured I’d see what kind of results I’d get.

Here’s another Verbatim burned at 18x spd. Scanned with Benq 1640. Feel free to comment.


wow…those are nice scan IMHO, although jitter is kinda high…I get relative pure crap with 16x on my 1640 w/BSLB(much higher PIF but lower PIE)
I always burn them at 12x wopc off…nearly as fast as 16x but much better burn

BTW, how fast is 18x burns?

Wow, those are awsome quality results, this drive seems to be a winner!

worker that is an awesome burn…excellent PIE/PIF/Jitter

BTW interesting that PIF are much higher early in the burn



Verbatim burned at 18x spd.

CMC MAG E01 @ 8x

I bought one from BB to give it a try…does it set the bitsetting on DVD+R to DVDrom automatically or do I have to set it this way

I am a little concerned regarding the jitter values, which I thin kare very important to overall quality

BTW on 16x verbatim…can you burn at 12x, 16x and 18x

UME01 @ 8X

Two burns. It seems the drive has some learning capability as I have noticed on several burns a second burn usually produces better results. UME01 is made in Hong Kong :Z :Z junk media.

It does bitset +R and +RDL to -ROM right out of the box.

Jitter is not bad but realize the scans are from a BENQ which many think, and I tend to agree, is not a reliable scanner.

16X Verbatim’s can be buned @ 4X, 8X, 12X, 16X, and 18X or so this drive reports.


AML002 @ 8X

Another crappy media but this drive handles it fairly well.

Another burn of AML002 shows improvement.

IMO, the best drive available. Do you know if the H10N drives also have a learning function?

I wish this was a SATA

any dual layer burns??

I am going to try an install the drive tonight

can this be slave to BenQ1640?? or does it need to be the master

then get the H30N.

Thanks for the info…but I googled and I do not see it for sale anywhere…