LG GSA-H22L will not play DVD's (movies) plus more weirdness!

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-H22L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Ok, I spent half of my weekend trying to figure this thing out, but no luck yet. BTW, Hi, I’m new here, found this place via google too…seems like that’s how a LOT of people end up here…anyway…

My drive used to play movies fine. (PS. InCD has always been there nothing new) Now it won’t play, I tried a few different discs (purchased retail NOT burned movies). The drive will NOT play them. Switched the discs to my other LG, cd/dvd rom drive and its playing the movies fine.

Device manager says everything is fine :disagree:

When I try to just put the movie into the drive, drive won’t read it. When I check the drive properties with disc removed, it says 0 bytes used AND 0 bytes free…:confused: How can it be both?

I thought, just for fun, I’ll install Silent Hill 2 on it…or TRY to…and it worked! But those are CD’s…so I don’t know what to do…I uninstalled/reinstalled the drive itself…TRIED to update drivers…Updated the firmware, NOTHING IS HELPING…now, please don’t tell me to haul wires off of here and put them there, etc. I am NOT technologically gifted by any stretch of the imagination…

Can someone please just tell me if I CAN fix it, and if so, CAN I do it, or should I take it to be repaired?

If I can’t fix it…I’m thinking about a new drive…maybe steer clear of LG this time…thinking about an SSD… theories? ideas? HELP!!! :sad:


Turns out, the problem was the dma setting for the drive. PIO was enabled but the tabs didn’t match.

Stumbled upon the answer myself when I typed in “should I change my dma setting” as Nero was asking me to do so. Googled, and found the answer on here somewhere, in another thread.

Yay!! I’m so glad it still works!! :bow: