LG GSA-H22L vs. GSA-H50L vs. GSA-H50N vs. GSA-H54N vs. GSA-H55N

Hello again, guys! I now have a question about which LG drive you guys think I should get. The LG GSA-H62N is out of the question, because I need an IDE drive (my motherboard does not have S-ATA), and I prefer one with LightScribe and great community support (firmware and RPC1 updates). It would have been a no-brainer to go for the newest drive that has LightScribe, the GSA-H50L, but it is the older one, the GSA-H22L, that has all the great community support. I could not even find one review (neither professional or user) or firmware update for the other drives, so it makes it hard for me to decide as which to get. Also, is there a big enough difference in features between the older GSA-H50L and the newer GSA-H55N to give up LightScribe and buy the newer one? Ultimately, which one of these drives should I get? Thanks a lot in advance! :smiley:


I am intreseted in answer to your question as well!

I’d cross the GSA-H55N off the list. The “post your scans and questions” thread for the H55N in the LG forum seems to be full of bad scans, especially for media burned at 18x or 20x speed.

I used to own a H22N (non-lightscribe), and would highly recommend it. Great burns on MKM 001 Verbatim double layer media at 6x speed.

Not sure about H50N/L or H54N though.

Indeed I saw the GSA-H55N thread as well and I must say that it is not really encouraging :frowning:

The GSA-H62L/N seems to be a much better drive, to bad it isn’t available in Holland yet. I just bought GSA-H50L and I just can’t get hold of more info on that drive. Would be nice to know if it is worth keeping, otherwise I can return it while it can :slight_smile: