LG GSA-H22L question

Hey guys,
I’m looking to get a new DVD burner around the $40-$50 CDN price range and I came across this one: LG H22L. Is this the right one to get? I just want a good multi-drive DVD burner that I can also burn CD-Rs, as well as read CDs/DVDs.

Let me know if this is the one I need. Thanks!

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I had this drive but returned it…just did not think $53US was worth it…newegg will eventfully have for alot less than BestBuy

Anyway…I think it is likely the best 18x writer around on +R media…

go look at my posts in the thread on H22L scans

I think this is an excellent choice although DVD video rip speed is locked

Newegg has the non lighscribe version H22N for $37 shipped($31.50 + $5 shipping or so)

I have the H22LI drive as well and returned the first one back to Best Buy. I got a brand new replacement and it burns better than the first one. It’s a keeper since it burns 16x-18x spd well as long as you use dvd+r media. I have many dvd burners so it’s not a problem when using dvd-r media.

Looks like a decent drive, hope someone will review it soon

You don’t really need the H22L unless you’re gona be doing alot of lightscribe disc labeling, i would just go for the H22N model withought lightscribe which is cheaper and you can get it for around $37.99 from canada computers. Also, some people have reported that the model withought lightscribe support actually gives better burns on both +R and -R media.

Why not 18x for -r media too? Aren’t they supported?

ya im new here and havent really tried using the lightscribe yet but was looking around for exactly how to use it with this drive, i just bought it and was wonderin how in the world do i use it

It’s a good drive even if I had problems. Most others don’t. I’d recommend it to others, it’s speedy.

18x is supported on -R as well. I just did a 18x burn on a MCC03RG20. :slight_smile:

well It is good on some media , but for maxell ritek 16x can only burn at 4

i have a ?? i just got the gsa-h22l how do u print on the disc is my ?? when u do the labels do they look good is it in color (might b a stupid ??? but i dont know nothing about this the way i got this burner cause i had a warranty and my other burner died so they have me this 1 as a replacement)

u can only burn labels on special media (lightscribe), u can do it by downloading images and programs from http://www.lightscribe.com/