LG GSA-H22L No LightScribe in Vista?

Hi, everyone. Sorry to be that guy with 1 post who drops-in, asks a question, then skips town. I’m half joking… I intend to stick around and answer any questions I can. I didn’t realize what an extensive community you folks have.

Anyhow, here’s my issue. I’m staggered that I can’t find any information on this particular subject.

I have an LG GSA-H22L optical drive. I enjoy the LightScribe technology, which worked fine under Windows XP. But, when I upgraded to Vista Ultimate, things went south. In particular, the LightScribe host software doesn’t recognize my GSA-H22L as being LightScribe-capable. I find this to be odd, especially given that an older version of the LightScribe host software recognized the drive just fine in Windows XP (with the same firmware). My LG drive came with firmware version 1.0, but I upgraded that to 1.02 using the official LG ODD firmware updating tool in XP, before I upgraded Windows (I have the version of the LD ODD updater that automatically detects the drive model and correct firmware for said drive).

When I open the “LightScribe Control Panel”, which the newer LightScribe host software installs to the system tray, the “System Information” tab simply displays, “-- No LightScribe Drives Found --” in the “LightScribe drives” pull-down menu.

I have walked through all of the FAQs and troubleshooting tips on lightscribe.com. The LSSrvc.exe service is installed, running, and the Startup type is set to “Automatic”.

I’m using Nero Burning ROM Update 1. I’m using the latest version of the LightScribe host software (I just installed it from lightscribe.com).

Is the LightScribe feature of this drive simply known not to work in Vista, or is there hope?

Thanks for any help!

Maybe I can rephrase the question after giving it a few days.

Does anybody else have an LG drive (we’ll ignore the model number for now) that has LightScribe support in Windows Vista?

Well, I am somewhat abashed to admit this, but all I had to do was insert a LightScribe disc, label-side down. It sounds incredibly stupid, but I believe that the version of Nero I am using, back in Windows XP (in contrast to Vista), displays the LightScribe logo/icon along the toolbar (and in the File menu, under Print LightScribe Label) at all times. In Vista, the logo/icon does not show-up unless there is a LightScribe disc in the drive, label side down. If anyone can confirm that the button is always present in XP, regardless of whether or not there is a disc in the drive, that would be appreciated.

I never thought to put a label in the drive for the above-stated reason, but, moreover, the LightScribe Control Panel still says “-- No LightScribe drives found --”, even with the label in the drive. I contacted LightScribe technical support about this and they think it may be a bug in the LS Control Panel.

Anyway, despite the LS Control Panel not recognizing my drive under any circumstances, Nero will still burn the labels. I’m happy.

Sorry for the trouble.

light scribe drivers arent done yet for vista as vista uses a totally different way of using drivers etc im having problems with my xfi with vista dual boot is the way forward :iagree:

I have the same LG burner as you. Today, I installed the Lightscribe on Windows Vista and it gave me the Lightscribe control panel in the system tray. When I look at that panel, it’s telling me that there are no LS drives installed, even though Nero recognizes them. So, it’s not just you, and it probably really is a bug in the control panel :slight_smile: